Our stock lines of handrails are suitable for almost any handrail application.
Finished products are ready for installation, convenienlty packaged and labelled.


Standard - 48.3 OD 40 NB gauge 3.2 
Heavy Duty 48.3 OD 40 NB gauge 4.0 

Base Plates
Type AM Dimensions 65 x 172 x 10 
Holes 17.5 @ 126 centres 

Kickplate Mounting Brackets
Dimensions 40 x 40 x 6 angle 76 long 
14mm diameter holes @ 52 centres 

Rail Specifications 

Handrail 32NB (42.4 OD) Med Gauge 
Kneerail 25NB (33.7 OD Med Gauge 

All standard handrail components are hot dipped galvanised to
AS 4680 -1999. Stanchions are available in raw finish if required 

Stanchion Spacing 

HK Metals tubular handrail system is manufactured to comply with 
AS 1657 - 1985 which recommends a maximum spacing of 2 metres

Click on our Tubular Handrail System Information Brochure for more about tubular handrail systems.